Primrose Academy

Magic, mystery, and danger intertwine for the next generation of adventurers.


You are a first-year student who was just accepted to the prestigious Primrose Academy, an adventuring academy where parties are trained to battle mortal (and immortal) threats to the planet Elaria. In this realm, creatures of all kinds abound under the light of the twin moons, and war between them is only one misstep away. This is a place where adventures are found by all those willing to seek them out—and danger lurks around every corner. 

Elaria sees its fair share of conflicts, but you and your classmates are tasked with stopping them. Primrose expects no less than excellence from you, and you must prove that this is exactly where you belong. 

Enter Primrose and undergo quests and classes to make it to sophomore year. Form your party and befriend the plethora of creatures that go to school alongside you. Explore your mysterious campus, earn the respect and admiration of your professors, and unlock new abilities as the year progresses. When you’re ready for combat, take on quests posted in the school’s tavern, or explore more challenging options at Victory Hollow. Fulfill your destiny and be a part of the greatest adventuring party Elaria has ever seen!

Notable Features

In Primrose Academy, customize your appearance and race. The options include: Vampyre, Werewolf, Human, Elf, Dwarf, Amphibian, Altered, Veil Walker, Half-Demon, Centaur, and Terracreag (Half Elf/Half Dwarf). You can also choose your class!

Uncover the mysteries surrounding T’Za, the elusive headmaster of Primrose and world-famous “Chaos Bringer.”

Choose the quests you want to go on. Guide merchants through dangerous trade routes, fight Goblins, or enter a standoff with bandits for precious treasures. As you grow stronger, take on greater risks for greater rewards.

Build your party if you’re playing alone—or grab some friends and fight your way to sophomore year!


Primrose Academy Header

Elaria is a planet that is rich in both lore and history and dangers and mysteries. Twin moons circle the planet at night, illuminating the creatures of all kinds who are found around every corner. This is a place where adventures are found by all those willing to seek them out. To that end, adventuring academies have formed to help teach young adults the art of adventuring, as well as how to be ready for the dangers that await them. This story takes place at the famous Primrose Academy, where a new class of first-years has come to campus.


Elaria has seen its fair share of wars and battles. Having once believed in “chosen ones,” its society has now shifted focus towards  parties of heroes who handle dangerous situations instead. To teach these parties, schools were formed. Primrose is one of the most well-known adventuring academies, and it is by far the largest. To deal with the size of the campus and the number of students that come in each year, students are broken up into smaller “parties”; these parties live in houses on the grounds and have many classes together. The intrepid adventurers can take quests from Victory Hollow’s quest board or the school’s tavern.


You are a first-year entering Primrose for the first time. You get to choose your race from a variety of options: Vampyre, Werewolf, Human, Elf, Dwarf, Amphibian, Altered, Veil Walker, Half-Demon, Centaur, and Terracreag(Half Elf/Half Dwarf). As you begin school, you will go through all the classes and quests that a first-year student must undergo with their party mates to reach the second year. 

You can choose to customize your entire party. Each party is normally made up of five to six students, and it is their responsibility to make updates and changes to their house, as well as get food and other needed equipment.

Key Locations

Primrose Academy

A large fortress left over from a war two generations ago. The grounds are owned by the illusive T’Za, a man many believe tricked his way into owning the school. Since it opened, it has produced some of Elaria’s most famous adventuring parties, the Thorned Roses and the Wheels of Fate being two of the most renowned.

The Parties’ Houses

The students’ home away from home; when they aren’t in class or on quests, this is the best place to find them. Each house is magically charmed to adapt to the students' needs.

The Emerald Ocean

A vast ocean dotted with thousands of small islands off to the west of Primrose. A lot of bandits use this area to hide, as most patrols don’t check each island carefully enough.

Victory Hollow

Victory Hollow is the first ever village to be managed by all races in harmony after the last war, which brought the world together. It has shops, music, and a monument to those fallen in the war. Its famous landmark is the Golden Dragon, a boisterous tavern. If you are lucky, you may be able to catch a glimpse of the tavern’s pet shadow dragon.

The Fallen Forest

A dark and dangerous forest to the east of the castle, it suffered the ravages of war, and “Voids” opening in the forest corrupted the land. Many first-year students are advised to not venture too far into this area, as it is dangerous.


One of the Altered’s first cities, and one that is full of good shops. T’Mir is also home to some of the best blacksmiths and armor makers in the world, as the Altered who live here never let anything go to waste.


Possible Party Members

Liza March (She/Her)

Race: Altered

Class: Can be chosen by Player, but canonically, would be Rogue.

Liza is a young Altered, with wings granted to her by her god. She is smart and incredibly talented at sneaking. She is the life of the party and is quick to make jokes as well as venture into locked areas to find new adventures.

Wilhelm Volkstav (He/Him)

Race: Vampyre

Class: Can be chosen by Player, but canonically, would be Fighter.

Wilhelm loves anything to do with swords, and he even will refer to himself as a sword guru, even though he is just starting his training at Primrose. The rest of his family are famous mages, so they were disappointed when they found out that he prefers to handle things physically.

Rarooka Moonstrike (They/Them)

Race: Werewolf

Class: Can be chosen by Player, but canonically, would be Pugilist.

Rarooka Moonstrike is a young werewolf who is just starting their journey into the world. To them, there is no point in weapons when you have claws. They want to become one of the best pugilists in the world. Some words they live by are, “We don’t need swords, my ancestors fought using their claws. I’m going to honor them.”

Grayson Thunder (He/Him)

Race: Centaur

Class: Can be anything, but canonically, would be Ranger.

Grayson is a strong, young Centaur. He is quick to action and tends to rush into things, however, he is calmer around the animals that he takes care of. He, like his ancestors, learned the art of archery, and he may soon place out of the first-year archery training program.

Ashlin Spartain (She/Her)

Race: Half-Demon

Class: Can be anything, but canonically, would be Song Weaver.

Ashlin loves music and singing. She was chosen by Primrose after other schools passed on her during their student selections.  Marked as an “undesirable,”she is bent on proving this assessment wrong and demonstrating her worth. She is good in a fight, but also good at encouraging others.

Markin White (They/Them)

Race: Veil Walker

Class: Can be anything, but canonically, would be Alchemist.

Markin is one of the few Veil Walker students to go to a school outside the Veil Walkers’ cities. The Veil Walkers walk the path between life and death, and they are known for being some of the strongest mages and most potent alchemists. Markin is a hard worker who will, every once and awhile, try to mix second-year potions. They are very wise and love to study, and they have heterochromia— one blue eye and one green eye.


Tiberius Stormwave (He/Him)

Race: Amphibian

Age: 40

Class: Sword Master

Tiberius is on loan from one of the Amphibian schools in the hopes of bolstering Primrose’s relations with the outside world. He is a master of several forms of sword combat and seems to know the weakness of every type of enemy. He is tall with teal skin, and he normally wields twin short swords.

Mana Trick: Makes targeting limbs or weak spots easier for the party.

Raar Darkclaw (She/Her)

Race: Werewolf

Age: 100

Class: Battle Warden

Raar is a battle-hardened teacher, and she demands respect and poise. She is very protective over her students. She has seen so many different wars between the races, so she knows the risks of battle and how to plan to avoid it. She is by far one of the most respected teachers and is the representative that Headmaster T’Za sends to the meetings to choose new students.

Mana Trick: Can repair weapons and gear mid-battle.

Arron Jarem (He/Him)

Race: Human

Age: 50

Class: Paladin

Title: “Champion of the Rifts”

Arron is the deputy headmaster of Primrose, and he takes over running the school when Headmaster T’Za is busy or away on secret missions. He is strong-willed and takes teaching very seriously. He deeply values his students, and would stand up to an army to protect them. He has dark hair and a muscular build.

Mana Trick: Extra Strength—boosts the Strength stat of a nearby ally.

Lucas Marso (He/Him)

Race: Terracreag

Class: Rogue

Mr. Marso was a famous Rogue who decided that he should retire before getting caught. He loves teaching his students how to open any lock, and his pride in his students shows when they learn to open locked areas of Primrose’s fortress.

Mana Trick: One character can become invisible once per battle.

Master Zam (He/Him)

Race: Terracreag

Class: Pugilist

Master Zam is a wise and old teacher. He served in the last war, and is close to retiring. There is no one better to learn hand-to-hand combat from than him, as he has mastered almost every form of martial arts. While nearly 80, he looks and fights like he’s in his late 30s.

Mana Trick: Enhance Life Essence—he will teach Players to enhance the Con of their party three times per game.

Fabian Feathershadow (They/Them)

Race: Elf

Class: Song Weaver

Fabian is a Song Weaver, and they wield their music to do and be anything they want. They are charismatic and fluid in the use of the magics they understand. They can normally be found in the tavern after class hours, playing tunes on the lute given to them by their husband andwife, who hoped that this anniversary present would be a way to get them to settle down from a life of adventure.

Mana Trick: Can make a unit take another turn in battle.

T’Za (He/Him)

Age: 50

Class: Rogue/Fighter/Outlaw/Song Weaver

Title: “Chaos Bringer”

T’Za is the one who granted the Altered freedom for helping stop a large threat to the world. He is a trained outlaw who was tired of his people being seen as second-class citizens. He is the headmaster of Primrose, as he owns it, but he is rarely on campus. He may have tricked Arron into becoming the deputy headmaster.

Mana Trick: Silver Tongued—boosts the Charisma of the party.

Possible Enemies that First-Years Face
  • Wolves
  • Spiders
  • Bandits
  • Rats
  • Goblin hordes
  • Void Cultists
  • Gladiators
  • Skeletons
  • Zombies
Possible Quest Ideas
  1. Catch a band of roaming bandits and bring back the treasure they stole.
  2. Clear out the Goblin horde terrorizing the trade routes.
  3. Guide a merchant to T'mir and back.
  4. Clear out the abandoned caverns, located deep in the mountains around Primrose.

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