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  • Desert planet
  • Mech city
  • Snow dragon
  • Desert planet
  • Mech city
  • Snow dragon

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Letting roleplay drive the way we play.

LiveTale is a storytelling platform where you and your party can weave captivating tales and embody unforgettable characters in an inclusive, 3D environment.

Whether you're a seasoned game master or embarking on your first adventure, discover compelling, narrative-driven experiences to explore.

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Our story engine provides the tools for you and your friends to write, build, and explore new realities of your own creation, together.

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Unlock your imagination as you create and explore amazing worlds. Discover fantastic places and people crafted by our community.

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Be yourself—or someone entirely new! Dive into adventures with your friends, or make new ones as you socialize on our safe and inclusive platform.

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