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LiveTale is an open platform where anyone can create and experience stories together.

Experience Immersion

Introducing Character Inhabitation

Bring your heroes and villains to life, and experience stories directly through their eyes and ears!

Utilize our AI-powered character builder to create one-of-a-kind characters of all sizes, shapes, and colors. Our tools allow you to effortlessly inhabit your characters.

Fulfill your storytelling needs without ever revealing your identity.

Player with face and gesture tracker overlays
Avatar duplicating player pose
Real-time Expressions
Custom Voice Modulation
Gesture Tracking
Dive Into Role-play

Our fully interactive 3D environments support your most ambitious role-playing. Embark on adventures created for both new and experienced role-players.

Weave Tales Together

Collaborate with fellow role-players, Tale Weavers, and AI generated NPCs to take your campaigns in unexpected directions. How will you and your party shape your destiny?

Craft Your Reality

Our platform provides tools for you and your friends to write, build, and explore together in realities of your own creation. Tell your story, your way.

Be a Tale Weaver

We're looking for gamemasters and creatives with stories to tell. Become a Tale Weaver and embrace a new way to design, organize, and host your campaigns.

Create Story Elements
Build Unforgettable Worlds
Host Role-Play Sessions
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